Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Arrived at the CCM

Hola mis padres! Just so you know, I just spent a solid 2 minutes trying to find the @ sign on this computer. Last night we got into the Peru MTC at 3:30 am! Our flight from Atlanta was delayed about an hour and a half but it just gave my missionary group all flying together more time to bond. AND HOLLA I  LOVE EVERYONE HERE!! Not only am I here with Ammy Trujillo and Kaylee Kingston, I've met so many other amazing (and hilarious) hermanas and hermanos MY PEOPLE!! We haven't started the classes yet which is probably why I'm so happy still... haha My teachers name is Hermana Luna (so pretty) and she is from the Lima North mission! She informed us that we will not see the real luna for a long time because you can never see the sky here! From what I could see at 3 am the city is pretty ghetto but the MTC grounds are beautiful! There is a large fountain, a lot of greenery, and a soccer field, volleyball courts, and several things that will potentially embarrass me. haha My companion here at the MTC is named hermana Elison (eely-son) and is from Wyoming (also going to Lima North). She is really cool and we have the same sense of humor so that{s good. Also there is this hilarious Elder who just barely turned 18 and literally everything he says is gold. Ammy and I have to give each other "the look" to try and not laugh at everything that comes out of his mouth. Anyways, we don{t have more time but just know that I am doing well! Love you guys!!
Hermana Stone

Made it to Atlanta.... on to Lima.  Plane delayed 1.5 hours

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