Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Family! Holy nuggets I can't believe AJ already has so much of a tan line. I am definitely rocking the farmers tan right now but all is well! Even though it's winter right now, it gets so hot sometimes! Today I literally felt like I was melting but at least I don't have to wear a full suit like the Elders.... 

This week was  interesting to say the least. On Thursday we all loaded up into big vans to get our final card for Immigrations. We were pulling out of the CCM when someone stopped the car and said Hermana Stone needed to get off. Apparently my information was incorrect or they had a problem of some sort so I had to spend the whole day alone! (Well, as alone as you can be when you constantly have to have a companion, but my comp was a stranger!) Everyone waved through the windows at me as they drove away. haha of course it would happen to me. They're still working on my paperwork and I had to sign something. Hopefully everything will be okay because I literally could've signed my whole life away and not even know it because yes, my Spanish is that good hahaha!

On Saturday we got to go Proselyting in the field! We were in Lima East about an hour outside of La Molina. My companion was a member who returned from a mission in October named Catalina. She was LA BOMBA. She didn't speak English hardly at all but she was such a blessing. She made me try and get contacts with EVERYONE on the streets. We came back with over 20 contacts/referrals by the end of our 4 hours! We taught 3 lessons, two of which were to people who haven't been to church in years. It was amazing and even though I could hardly understand any of their responses, I felt comfortable sharing what I CAN say. It was also very humbling already. The houses and area in general are very humbling. Today I had a different experience. As usual on P day we went to the temple and shopping and we try to proselyte a little while we're out. I gave out a couple of pass along cards and we sang Joseph Smith's first prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount to some old women who absolutely adored us. Then our experience completely flipped. Hermana Eliason and I started talking to a different woman who, from the little I could understand, thought that we were very bad people. She tried to bible bash with us and spent literally 10 minutes with her finger pointed at me and telling us that we're horrible people. I just told her that our message is about God's love and if she has any questions for us I can arrange for some other missionaries to meet with her before  leaving. I admit, it really freaked me out and I may or may not have cried a little bit but it just serves to show that not everyone wants to listen to our message and it'll be okay. I still love the CCM and this new batch of North Americans is HUGE so that'll be interesting. (We get new people every 2 weeks but we stay in the same District the whole 6 weeks to answer your question) I love the CCM. I love my mission. I love learning Spanish (mas o menos haha) and I love learning the Gospel and teaching, even when people don't necessarily care to hear our message. Everyone appreciate the full moon right now!!

Love your favorite hermana,
Hna Stone

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District 112 Drawing

Hermana Stone and Hermana Miles (everyone pronounces it me-lays)

D112 BFFS say what? (Sanchez, Ekins, Williams)

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