Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Feliz Cuatro de Julio!!

Family!! So here in the CCM is so good and so fun and HOLY NUGGETS I AM LEAVING THIS PLACE IN 5 DAYS. It was so funny because we heard an analogy about the CCM and the field. Basically the CCM is the garden of Eden, we are surrounded by the Spirit all the time and have great teachers and can speak English and the food is all delicious and have made the best of friends. However, we are getting "cast out" soon into the dark and dreary world where things aren't all wonderful! Although I am scared out of my mind, I am so excited! I still can't believe it's here and I am so sad to leave all of my friends here but no worries, we are already planing a reunion at Minson's wedding!! ;) 

My immigrations paperwork is still not done... I did have to go and sign a paper and give a fingerprint so they can make changes to my paperwork (who knows, I could've just signed away my first born child. Sorry about it, I don't know spanish THAT well) I guess being deported would be a fun story??? 

This week was great! On the Fourth they decked out the Comedor with a ton of American Flags and streamers and they made "hamburgers" and "fries" and "onion rings" and "chicken fingers" (yes, the quote marks are necessary because, bless them, but it was not real american food!!) It was still super yummy though and there was Watermelon and apple pie with vanilla icecream too! All of the Latinos kept saying "Feliz Cuatro de Julio" to us and it was so cute! 

This week was pretty ordinary but still great nonetheless. I finished the entire Book of Mormon yesterday! I don't know if I told you this or not but I started it over again a couple of days into the CCM. Holy cow, reading it quickly and in this environment was so awesome. It really made the stories come together and it's amazing how my reading has changed- There really are answers in the scriptures! It's so cool to study FOR others as well. Whether you need a scripture about bringing a less active back who is worried about not fitting in or being loved again by God or the church, you can tell them the story of the Prodigal Son or patience in your afflictions can be Alma 34.41 or DyC 121.7 or needing comfort DyC 109.22 ALL OF THOSE ANSWERS ARE THERE! I have come to love my scriptures so much. It's also cool to be studying in DyC and the Bible too, I had never really done that before. There was a great quote from one of our devotionals this week that I'd like to share. It is by Elder Nelson's wife. She said: "DESPERATELY ask, DESPERATELY seek, DESPERATELY knock, and you will be lead to those who DESPERATELY need the Gospel of Christ." I loved that! Are we sincere in our prayers? Are we desperate to repent and partake of the Sacrament? To do our home teaching? To tell your family you love them? (PS I love you guys. My mission has changed me! I love hugs now and tell my roommates I love them every night before we go to bed) I hope that you keep in mind that a little bit of DESPERATE is good sometimes. 

A funny from this week: Elder Sanchez got white, wet paint all down his suit coat jacket. It was hilarious until we realized that it won't come out... He's getting it dry cleaned on Friday so wish him luck! Another funny moment from this week, Hermana Ekins and I were eating dinner with some Latina's the other night and we were just chatting when all of the sudden one of the Latina's started whispering to the other ones so we couldn't hear what they were saying. I told her that she doesn't need to whisper because we literally can't understand anything they say anyways. They all burst out laughing, shrugged their shoulders, and then finished their story loud and clear. I sure do wish I understood them hahahaha I love it here and it's crazy to think that next time you hear from me I'll be in in el campo! (that is, if I don't get deported) Send some love my way!
Hermana Stone
Feliz Cuatro de Julio!!

Elder Gerken (photographer) got artsy with the angles

Elder Cleverly and Elder Williams. Both from Colorado and some of my BFFs

D112 with Hermana Rivera (our teacher)
all of us Avocados (advanzados)

Another one of us "Avacados"

My morning teacher Hermana Rivera and I at the temple this morning! She is THE BEST and is getting married in October (so so cute. She always updates us hermanas on the wedding plans)

We may or may not have gotten left behind this morning in La Molina. Luckily we had delicious fruit juice and nice weather :')

found Halea!!

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