Monday, August 3, 2015

Chicken with fins?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING PICTURES!  I loved seeing Grandma Peggy too. I can't believe she is 95! It looks like you guys are having so much fun. I'm happy :)

Investigators: This week was really good. We were leaving our house one morning when a little girl came up to us and asked us what church we were with. We explained that we were missionaries and offered to come teach her and her family. Long story short, we've taught them twice, they came to church with us yesterday and we have high high hopes for them to accept the gospel! They have a really strong testimony of prayer after the youngest son almost died but was saved through mighty prayer and faith in God. I'll update you next week on them! The little girl's name is Nicol and she is 11 years old and so sweet and concerned about her family. She told us she has seen us the last couple of weeks and wanted us to come and help her family. She reminds me a lot of Sadie. The other family we've been working with is not progressing at all. They keep making excuses buuuut we keep persisting and inviting. In the words of our district leader: "Ah el albedrio!" (OH, the Agency!) haha They have a 5 year old daughter named Reina who is adorable and always makes us drawings when we visit. It kills me to know what blessings they're missing out on! We are also teaching and keeping busy. Our mission goal is to teach 32 lessons a week and this week we reached it!!   
At the Internet Cafe ready to email home!
Food: One of my favorite things about Peru and the people here is the food. Member or not, almost everyone we teach wants to give us something to eat. They are so humble and generous and even the very poorest people give us an orange or a slice of bread. Another woman named Rocillo we are teaching made us lemon meringe pie for our appointment! It was so good and reminded me of Madeline. However, not everything is as good as that pie. For lunch one day (we eat with members every day) we all sat around the table and Hermana Marqui brought out a plate with rice, beans and chicken seasoned with herbs and celery. At least that's what I thought until I realized that the chicken was actually a fish and the celery was actually the fin to the fish that I just put in my mouth. A FIN. For another meal I ate some other questionable parts of a chicken. Best not to look! haha. After our district meeting on Tuesday Elder Page and Elder Narvais bought Hermana Valbuena and I fries and chicken nuggets from Polleria Paredes. That's how I know we're in, because they are sharing their beloved food with us! Elder Page is our district leader and super cool. He's also from Colorado. He shared 2 Nefi 32:3 with us that says "Los Angeles hablan por el poder del Espiritu Santo" (Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost)It was funny because Los Angeles is our area! Another day a member couldn't feed us so we went to Chifa Felicidad. I love chifa which is bad because it is literally a mountain of Panda Express ham fried rice with chicken. Anyways, there was a huge family there. I'm talking grandparents, aunts uncles and a bunch of kids. It was exactly like our day after thanksgiving reunion with dad's side of the family for Christmas tree shopping. It made me a little homesick but it was nice to see them all together. Before we left we told them what a beautiful family they have and also invited them all to church haha Our contacts for the day were done ;) 

Random: This week we got a call from the Hermana Lidres saying that we are doing a swap for 24 hours. What this means is one of the sisters comes to our area to work with Hna Valbuena and I go to their area to work and learn from one of them. I was so scared to leave my "mom" (when you come to the field they call it "being born" and your first companion is your mama) and have a sister leader critique my teaching and sleep away from home and yada yada yada but it ended up being a really good experience. My companion for the day's name is Sister Rodriguez from Equador and she is so cute. She loves Maroon 5 and was so excited when I could sing the lyrics for her haha. She taught me a lot and it was a really good experience aside from the fact that she likes to wake up extra early and do insanity. While we were proselyting she was correcting a sentence I was saying by saying "a travez" however, the whole time I thought she was saying "otra vez" (again) so I repeated myself like 8 times. She was laughing so hard trying to explain herself but I eventually caught on. 

Hermana Rodriguez from Equador (Sister Leader that Savannah did splits with- not sure why the picture is covering Savannah!)

I am reading the Isiah chapters right now. IF you thought they were hard, try reading them in Spanish! I literally don't understand any of it but sometimes the scriptures teach you Christ like attributes such as patience and endurance. I read an awesome talk this week called "The challenge to become". It is about how the gospel doesn't require us to DO things, but rather to BECOME something. I highly reccommend it (October General Conference 2000 I believe). ANyways, my area is good the ward is super sweet and I am becoming more accustomed and enjoying it more every week. Poco a poco. I love you guys! Have a great week,
This is a typical bus here. I hope you can see the city through the window because we're not supposed to really take photos outside because it looks really touristy. And I'm in the mirror 
Your favorite missionary,

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