Monday, August 17, 2015

." Pobre gringa!"

 I can't believe the kids started school today! Tell everyone good luck haha This week was good. Last P day we had a feast and the pensionista and 2 of the Elders cooked us barbecued steak, corn on the cob and potatoes. We also had chips, soda, and icecream and needless to say we all waddled out the door for proselyting the rest of the night! It was really fun because we got to watch a new(ish) disney movie called Intense Mente. I'm not sure what it is in English but it's all about the different emotions inside of everyones head controlling their actions and choices depending on the emotion. There is a part where they are all fighting over the control board and we were all laughing because that's exactly what happens every single day in the mission. You're happy, sad, tired, confused, giddy. It's great haha During our visito de trabajo (teaching with the DL and ZL) we got home at the end of the night and I realized that my shirt was insideout the whole day. That's where the feelings of embarrassment come in I guess! 

 Every Tuesday we have District and Zone meetings and this week we focused a lot on misericordia vs justicia or, mercy versus Justice and how to apply it in our teaching. Basically we talked about how we need to be loving towards the people but also be direct and clear in order to help them understand just how important this message really is. Our job is to call people to repentence. If they are breaking the law of chastity, they need to repent and live it. If they are lacking faith, they need to repent and live it. It applies to us too. Every day we repent of our short comings and because Christ fulfilled the atonement and justice aspect, He can offer us the mercy in order to be forgiven and have the weight taken away.  I have been reading a General Conference talk every night before bed and there was a line that really struck me. It said: Teaching is more than talking and telling. I think that that is important not only for missionaries but for everyone. Even more important than talking is listening, to the needs and concerns of each individual because based on what they say we can know how to better serve them. 

During a rough spot I was listening to the song "Love is Spoken here" and felt an overwheling peace come over me. The song says "I see my mother kneeling with my family each day. I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray. Her words to the Father, QUIET ALL MY FEARS. and I am thankful, Love is spoken here." I could feel the prayers of everyone at home strengthening me and offering me comfort. I know that that is what Love really is. There are many times in the scriptures where thanks to the prayers of the righteous, the wicked were saved. I know that thanks to the prayers of many parents, children make better decisions. Thanks to the prayers of a sunday school teacher, the Spirit can witness to each of the students what they need to hear. Thanks to the prayers of a sincere friend, we can feel loved or support. (ex. Alma and Alma the Younger) Keep praying!

random: Elder Narvais and Page made us banana oreo drinks that were SO. GOOD. My taste pallet has definitely changed. What is being picky???  One of the girls we are teaching surprised us by telling us she's pregnant. Her story was crazy. The father died somehow and it was very dramatic. Turns out I was just completely confused and he is just dead to her, not actually dead. They all thought that it was funny but also endearing." Pobre gringa!" I've started making a happy list for the things of Peru similar to the one I made last semester. It's interesting to see how things change based on what I have and don't have here. 

In response to your questions: I haven't gotten any mail yet (ahhhhgggh) but I'm hoping to get your package tomorrow! We get mail (that actually comes through) on Tuesdays in zone meeting! We don't have a microwave, or stove, but we do have one burner hot plate and one frying pan! I would say hashtag blessed but I can't find it on this keyboard :,) 

Love you guys! THanks for the pictures!
The Girls

Apparently 'tortilla' here refers to a fried egg and rice type dish so we had homemade guac with Lays and Doritos

Hma's Stone and Valbuena

My room

Zona Los Angeles :)

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