Monday, October 19, 2015

Fed Spiritually (awesome) and temporally (NOT awesome) with sheep stomach....


This week was awesome because I was SO SPIRITUALLY FED. Wow. First of all we had a multizona with Presidente. He taught on consecration and obedience but my favorite part about the multizona was the banana bread that his wife made for the birthday people in October. haha no that was a joke but seriously, so good and something that tasted like home! But in all honesty my favorite part about the multizona was the capacitacion from one of the AP's all about mayordominio or our stewardship as members and especially as missionaries. We also had 3 awesome capacitaciones from our lidres de zona and lidre de districto that I want to share a little bit about. We talked about the "trampas de la mision" or traps of the mission. As missionaries it is hard for Satan to tempt us with things that he can tempt other people with because bueno, we don't watch tv, listen to music, have cell phones, etc but he can tempt us in laziness, apathy, disobedience, and bad attitudes (and more!) We talked about four specific traps. 1. Actividades vs Resultados 2. Lecciones vs  Ensenanza 3. Amigos vs Eligidos and 4. Maestros Orientadores vs Misioneros.  Basically the point of all of this, in very few words, is that often times we are doing all that we're supposed to be doing, but it doesn't add up to what it should. For example, we can teach our 32 lessons for the week and have our 100 contacts and not have anyone progressing, not have anyone converting to the Lord, not have anyone with a change of heart. For numbers it looks great but we are focusing too much on fulfilling the goals, being their friend (not wanting to offend them by being direct) etc. It really hit me that everything we do has a reason. Or at least it SHOULD have a reason. It is just like you said mom about there's a difference between reading your scriptures and pondering and studying your scriptures. I think this applies so well to everything we do. We teach to help them understand. We invite to help them know for themselves. We verify to show that we care. We pray to talk with God. We go to church to renew our covenants. and so. much. more. I want to invite all of you to look at what you're doing and how you're spending your time, but more importantly, WHY you're doing these things. 

This week was pretty normal. Hermana Haro surprised me and sent me a tshirt with our faces on it. I ate "pansa de oveja" or in other words sheep stomach. I literally put some of it hidden in a napkin in my bag. It saved my stomach but now things smell a little odd haha. For servicio Wednesday morning we painted the house of one of the members in my ward. I don't know why she trusted us but it ended up being a lot of fun. It made me think of dad. Hermana Gomez does this thing where she says hello to EVERYONE on the street and accidentally contacted a perro. We almost died laughing because neither of us noticed for a good ten seconds what happened.

 In response to your questions, Sundays are kind of stressful. Our ward starts at 8 am (collective gasp) and we have to leave early to try and drag everyone to church. The ward is really small and we had to teach Gospel Principles again but there's good people here. My companion and I are connecting a lot. She has a laugh that is absolutely contagous and the more I get to know her the more I love her.  We are working really hard here and I am really happy. Don't get me wrong, I am also really frustrated, heartbroken, tired, confused, really tired, but really really happy. Hope you guys are appreciating this time of year. Please eat some apple pie and go for a walk in the river bottoms for me! 

Love always,

Hermana Stone
Found this picture in the Liahona magazine

Multi zona with Haro and her new comp

With Elder Gerken (from my district in CCM!) and Elder Martinez from my old zone

moto-taxis and golden hair with Gomez

special food from the selva- takatcha con cecina (spelling is a horror sorry) but super delicious. The meat tasted like smoked bacon and the ball is banana with nuts and seasonings with fried banana and salad

Servicio. I promise it looked prettier when the paint was dry haha

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