Monday, December 14, 2015

Lost and Found

Yeah, as you know there aren't any pictures this week because my camera was stolen with all of the pictures I have so far from my mission. It was kind of upsetting (okay, super upsetting) because I can't ever send very many due to how slow the computers are. When that happened I was really frustrated that I lost all of these memories. Afterwards I was praying that the Lord could give me understanding and the Spirit to teach. Not thirty minutes after we were in a lesson with Jose. He is an investigator that we've been teaching for a while. He wants to get baptized but can't because he isn't married and is living with his "wife". We've talked to them several times about marriage and his wife doesn't want to marry him because she doesn't love him. He also lost his job about 6 months ago and was diagnosed with Tuberculosis 8 months ago leaving him without energy or strength. After talking to him I felt really stupid for being so upset about a camera, something so temporal. Yeah, it's too bad that I don't have all of my pictures but I have a family that loves me, a body that is healthy and strong, and my convenios con el SeƱor (covenants with God). And who knows, whoever has my camera now might be able to sell it to feed his family and enjoy all of the embarrassing photos we have ;) This last p day we went to Canta! It is an area outside of mission boundaries and absolutely beautiful! Everything was green and we spent the day exploring by the river, playing ultimate frisbee and taking in the view from the car because it was a pretty long drive. I literally felt my heart fill up with happiness to see NATURE. I miss it haha We went with zona santa isabel and all ate dinner together in my old area Los Angeles in the Polleria Parades. (Where we always went for fries) We had servicio in Trapiche again this week. The elders were splitting wood (they broke almost every ax) and helping clean the stalls of the chanchos and we (the hermanas) swept the patio (it was all dirt but it was meant to smooth it out or something) and helping cook lunch for everyone. We learned how to make aji de gallina, causa, and lomo saltado. AND IT TASTED SO GOOD.

 This week we had revisiones de cuarto and entrevistas with presidente. Revisiones de cuarto is when Hermana Erickson (mission President's wife) comes to see if everything is clean and working okay. The good thing about that is she always brings a treat from america (Milkyways!) and now our thermo is fixed and have hot water again POR FIN (FINALLY!)! They also fixed our fan because everything is about to get really hot. My entrevista (interview) with presidente was good. It's always nice to talk to him. The Spirit is so strong and I know that he is called of God and has the keys to receive revelation for us here. We had a baptism that was supposed to take place Saturday that fell through. Her name is Yenilda and is 23 years old and was faced with many problems, including lack of support from her family who are active members.  She has a new baptismal date for the first weekend in January. This week we were also able to have a visita de trabajo with Elder Parra, one of our zone leaders. I was really nervous to teach with him because I felt like he might judge my teaching or something but ended up gaining confidence learning a ton from him, mainly how to love the people and ask questions that are truly inspired by the Lord. He was able to find out their needs and apply the gospel to them individually. One goal that he left for us is "nunca despreciar la importancia del Evangelio". To remember that no matter what these peoples backgrounds are or problems are, what they need is the gospel. Be persistent. Be patient. Love them. And testify that there is NOTHING more important than applying this to their lives and repenting. I am really grateful for this last week that was a little bit hard, but despite all of these things I was able to learn a lot and feel that God loves me and these people. I hope you guys are enjoying this Christmas season. Do something for someone TODAY!
Love always,


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