Monday, December 28, 2015

In our Orbit

Hola familia! 

So.... I guess I don't have much to say because we talked three days ago, but honestly this Christmas was so good. I loved talking to you guys and seeing your faces. It's crazy what six months can do to you- I'm not the only one who looks different ;) 

This week with all of the christmas activities I finally was able to get into the Spirit. We had a ward Christmas party with games, a nice video and a bunch of food (paneton, mas paneton, jello with paneton... Paneton is a fruitcake type bread in Latin America that Savannah does NOT love) We had huge success with having a lot of investigators and menos activos that came. We also did a little Christmas exchange in the zone. I was sad about not being able to participate in the big family christmas exchange but what we did was almost as good. About two weeks ago we drew names and then all traded and ate brownies. I gave Elder Kimball a basketball and received a really cute scarf. Then, of course, all of the festivities as the whole Mision Peru Lima Norte with the skits, games (volley, dodgeball, futbol...) movie and seeing everyone from the CCM and other districts/zones. AND TALKING TO YOU GUYS! En serio, fue muy divertido a verles (seriously, it was so fun to see you!). I can't believe that this year is coming to an end. And I can't believe we're already at cambios again! Someone told me that the mission is like the three grados de gloria (degrees of glory). The first six months is like the reino telestial (telestial kingdom), the next six are like the reino terrestre (terrestrial kingdom), and the final six are like the reino celestial (celestial kingdom). The time is picking up and I am feeling more confident and happy in our role as missionaries. 

This week I was reading an article about how God placed the star that led the shepherds to Christ's birth in orbit thousands of years before His coming and how God places us in "orbit" with other people in order to lead and help them. I got to thinking how the people placed in my orbit have affected me personally (especially after talking with the family) and how we all are affecting others lives. It may be with talking with friends, serving in a church calling, saying "no", accepting a responsibility, being an example, doing a secret service or offering a smile. With the new year rolling around, I hope that each of you can remember in your personal goals to look around your orbit and see how the goals you set can and will affect those around you. I hope your New Year is a good one! Thanks for all you do,

Hermana Stone

With Hma Kingston and Hma Adams

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