Monday, November 28, 2016



Don't worry, this is not the last time we'll be writing, next week I think I'll have a little bit of time as well.... This week was crazy. We are working hard and our area is progressing. We were able to have one baptism on Saturday (Camila) which was nice and we are still looking for new people and finding them! I think I wrote to you guys before about Ricardo and Lisbet a young couple that we're teaching. So this week, we went to teach them in our cita normal and we found Ricardo alone, and crying. It turns out that his wife the day before left with her son without saying anything. They assumed that she was just leaving really quick to buy something (she didn't take anything with her) but before he knows it, she had left with her son to Trujillo! She left him and went a little crazy and tried to denunciar her husband... it was sad. Our convert Luis's sister also died yesterday. It was interesting because just a few days ago we had a special training with President Godfrey about the difference between TEACHING and MINISTERING. Minister is more sincere, is to feel genuine love and teach according to the Spirit. In the training, we talked about when Christ raised Lazarus- although he fully knew of the power he had to raise him, he left immediately what he was doing and cried with Mary and Martha, because he loved them.  We were able to go and apply this and truly comfort Luis in his time of need and  "llorar con los que lloran". Although the hermana rejected us so many times when we tried to teach her, she was a very nice woman and we will miss her. We celebrated Dia de accion de gracias making homemade flan. There's not a lot you can do with a little plug in stove and a frying pan haha 

A little sunburned now....

Bishop Perez

Camila's Baptism


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