Monday, November 14, 2016

Diligent In The Small Things


This week was a good one! Not much is new with me- last P day we spent almost 80 soles in pizza and gaseosa (inca cola!) with us four sisters. We were also able to give away some old mattresses and make the day of a lot of members in our ward! We had a lot of doors slammed in our faces but also saw some cool miracles- one of which is a new investigator named Ana and her two kids. They look really great and as we were getting to know her a little bit, we could see that her experiences ultimamente have been preparing her to hear the gospel. We also had some crazies talk to us, an hermana with schitzophrenia almost attack us, having a sick companion.... so basically everything the same! This kind of stuff shouldn't happen as much as it does hahaha This week while listening to my conference talks, one titled "You can do it now" by Elder Uchtdorf got me thinking a lot (along with the hoja of goals that president sent us who are dying this transfer!) One of the quotes in this talk says
"One of the adversary’s methods to prevent us from progressing is to confuse us about who we really are and what we really desire. Satan’s purpose is to tempt us to exchange the priceless pearls of true happiness and eternal values for a fake plastic trinket that is merely an illusion and counterfeit of happiness and joy."
There are so many things in this world that God has prepared for our happiness, true happiness! I hope we can all understand the importance of setting worthy goals and avoid the ilusions of the enemigo by being diligent in the small things- Have a good week!

Hermana Stone

These argentinas have gotten me hooked on drinking mate and watching futbol. 

We wake up at 5:30 every day to be in the stake center at 6 am to play soccer.

Our Sunday lunch fell through and we can't buy anything... Good thing we had a cup noodles and half a loaf of bread ughhh

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