Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Week!

The pictures from the cabin are so beautiful!! I'm glad you guys were able to go up and spend time with the family. This week was really average, but really good nonetheless. Last P day we went to Plaza Norte which basically feels like America for a few hours. It is a huge shopping center and we ate Burger King for lunch. Anyways, we had the whole day to shop, and you know how much I love shopping. Unfortunately, one difference between Hermana Haro and I is that she actually loves shopping, a lot. We spent a good two hours trying to find a pair of pants that she likes for Pdays. And that was after looking for a good skirt to match her new shoes. Afterwards with the Elders we were all talking about it and some of the Elders had the same problem with their companions looking for new ties and shavers. I guess I should count my blessings. Another day this week we were taking the bus to the stake center and I was helping Hermana Haro with her English. We completely missed our stop and were backtracking while walking as well as contacting. However, we didn't know the area super well because it's not our area. Let's just say it's not too convincing to invite people to attend the church when the missionaries don't even know where the church is. Again on the bus, sorry all of my stories have to do with busses, I was mimicking the cobrador. A cobrador is the person who yells out the window where it's going "Comas" "Universitaria" and what to do "baja" "sube con bebe" etc. I wish I could do the voice through the computer because I am surprisingly good at it. I had the real cobrador laughing to the point of tears I kid you not. 

We have a tradition to get fries as a district after consejo de barrio. It's a sort of reward because consejo de barrio is literally the longest thing ever. This week we had two visitas de trabajo. One with the Hermana Capacitadoras (24 hours in the area of the leaders and one of them came to my area with Hermana Haro) and one with Elder Miranda, our Zone Leader. I always stress out way too much for these but always end up learning a lot from them as well. It is interesting to see the different manners people teach, the different examples they use, scriptures utilized. But I also learn a lot about myself. It is reassuring to see a little bit that I can do it! I have examples, scriptures, and a testimony that contribute to the lesson too! One thing Elder Miranda taught me was how to ask what we call "preguntas inspiradas" because if we don't know what is important to the people, how can we teach them according to their needs. That's what's incredible- we teach the "same" lessons every day but it is always different because every single person has different lives, problems, trials, and families. One question he asked was "Cual es su mayor anhelo?" and then "Que esta HACIENDO para lograrlo? or What is your dream or goal (for yourself or for your family) and what are you DOING to achieve it. This is what's important. We can have all the faith in the world but if we're not actively working towards it, no pasa nada! This is a good reminder for me. If I want investigators in the capilla, I need to be working with them throughout the week. If I want to be able to teach about tithing effectively, I need to be studying the ancient law of tithing and practicing the vocabulary to teach it. Also, if I want to have an eternal family, what am I doing? A good job? happiness? Really it applies to everything. 

Finally, I want to tell you guys about my new District for this transfer. My District Leaders name is Elder Sepulveda and he is from Argentina. At first I thought he was North American and started talking to him in English. It was super embarrassing but we're past that haha. He is like an Argentine hipster and knows a lot of the same music as me, just doesn't understand all of the words to the songs! He has 19 months in the mission, and has really good capacitaciones. Elder Narvais is his companion. He goes home this transfer! He is also from Argentina but has a really heavy, obvious Argentine accent unlike Elder Sepulveda. The two of them together are a lot of fun. We have lunch with them 3 times a week. (We have a schedule to almorzar (eat lunch) with members every day) Then there is Elder Espitia and Elder McClain. Elder Espitia was my zone leader last transfer and it has been fun to get to know him more this transfer. He is from Colombia and goes home in November. Elder McClain is from Springville and is a newbie in the field. Finally someone younger than me!

Anyways, I know that this email wasn't terribly exciting but, hey as is life. I am doing well. Some days are hard when people don't want to listen to you or tell you that you're wrong or crazy (or a gringa) but at the end of each day I feel happy. I know that the Lord is with us and I am so grateful for the many things that go well every day. Love you guys!!

I almost forgot to tell you guys! Last night we were having a Noche de Hogar with a family that the dad has been Menos Activo for quite some time but has started coming back to church and they are preparing to be sealed in the temple! Anyways, they have a son named Justin who reminds me a lot of AJ. I was telling them this and he told me that his name is actually Alexander Justin. He also is ten years old and their personalities are so close! Anyways, last night we were teaching about the restoration of the priesthood and how through temples we can be together forever. At the end of the lesson after our testimonies and the testimony of Hermana Josefa (our missionary mom and their grandma) Justin asked if he could share something. He just said something to the affect of "Thanks for helping my family be together forever". I obviously knew that families can be together forever through temple ordinances, but his one sentence testimony struck me straight in the heart. Everyone felt the Spirit of this little boys testimony.

Space Shuttle or Bus??

Challenge from Madi McCann to take a picture with an animal. It was the dead chickens or wild dogs. 

Next Investigator :)

May or may not have had a problem with our kitchen this week.....

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