Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm grateful to be a Missionary

Familia! Wow lots of updates and MADELINE YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! Also big congrats to you Sade! You look good with your young women Medallion- I haven't seen a smile that big in a long time :) 

This last P day we had a P day of Hermanas which consisted of cake, the Lion King (the jokes aren't as funny in Spanish) talking, nails yada yada yada it was really fun to get to know everyone in my zone (Santa Isabel) and in the zone of San Felipe too! While we were all doing nails and listening to church music (holla for mission rules!) we listened to a song by David Archuleta called "Nunca Pense" and holy nuggets! It is my new theme song. It made me think of how Sadie was in love with him haha It is all about the importance of Family History and is so good! I also learned from one of the hermanas how to say audiologist in Spanish- otorrinolaringologo. I was going to wait to impress you guys at Christmas for Skype but honestly, I don't know if I'll be able to remember how to pronounce it by then ;) 

This week we had Revision de Cuartos where Hermana Erickson comes to check if everything in our house is working and spotless. We cleaned everything super well which took a few hours. We had to defrost our fridge but there was a huge block of ice in it so we took all the food out and put it in a cooler and put our fridge in the shower over night to defrost. We were laughing and scrubbing and passed without any problems. We also had Entrevistas with Presidente! We have entrevistas (interviews) every other transfer. I was a little nervous at first but it turned out to be really good. He really stressed the importance of me not relying on my companion so much in lessons. HAVE CONFIDENCE HERMANA STONE. He shared with me a lot of scriptural examples but one that really struck out to me was in DyC 24:10. It is about speaking with a voice de trompeta, to open our mouths, and there is a promise at the end that says "I will give him strength such is not known among men". What a promise. Not only does he promise to fill our mouths when we open them, or give us strength, but He promises to give us strength that is unknown among men! That was a great comfort to me. I have a lot of work to do to become a better gospel teacher but with the Lords strength, I know I can do it. Speaking of becoming a better gospel teacher, that is one of the Mission Peru Lima North Metas (goals). First, Voy a ser completamente obediente (I will be completely obedient); second, voy a ser trabajador (I will work hard); Third, voy a amar la gente peruana (I will love the Peruvian people);  Fourth, voy a buscar soluciones (I will look for solutions);  Fifth, voy a ser un mejor maestro del Evangelio (I will be a better gospel teacher). Hermana Haro and I made up the sixth mission rule or goal which is essentially "si tu compaƱera engordo, tu tambien" (If your companion gets fat, I will too). 

As far as the earthquake news, we heard about it too! We were teaching a family of converts and Luis, one of the kids who's 18, told us we need to prepare our backpacks to flee to the cerros for the tsunami warning! We were trying to explain that we're a good hour and a half from the beach but he was very concerned for us hermanas haha But if a disaster really does occur here, our plan will be to pray a lot (???) 

I learned how to cook papa relleno this week from Hermana Josefa. These are the kinds of things you learn on your mission that will bless your future ;) We celebrated Hermana Haro's "cumpli-mes" with a treat called Besos de Mosa. They're soooo good and the only besos (kisses) we can have here in the mission (aside from every female stranger we contact in the streets haha) 

A few funny things from this week- we were going to one of our appointments and some testigos de Jehova (Jehova's Witness') were trying to contact the same house. It was super awkward and an almost stand off. We just passed by and went back later in the night. 

Most of all from this week I have realized how grateful I am to be a missionary. Obviously because I am spreading the gospel, learning so much about the scriptures, myself, Christ, and much more. But I am also learning a lot about how we are all God's children. It has been so fun for me to make friends with people who are super different than me but so similar at the same time. With my Mexican companion, my District with two Argentines and a colombiano, with people in my zone from just about every other country in South America, and obviously with so many people here in Peru. We all have different backgrounds, stories, dreams, career goals, but are all here for the same reason. We're not that different. 

This week I hope you guys will look for the people who you think are different than you. Talk to them. They might become your best friends. Keep up the good work! Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. These little things will make a big difference, I promise! Stay sweet,

Hermana Stone

Mucho Amor

Las Hermanas

My cheeks and shirt are the same color and we're using a screwdriver to chisel the ice out of our fridge to prepare for revision de cuarto with Presidentes wife

Mirror Selfie, no shame!

"Los Angeles 4" about 3 minutes ago

My compi found tortillas. Too bad they are super expensive (12 tortillas for 9 soles) A picture will have to suffice.

P day of hermanas. We all got hawaiian leis with chocolate from Hermana Fosita one of our capacitadoras from New Zealand. These are all of the Hermanas in Zona Santa Isabel  and Zona San Felipe.

Got a shipload of letters this week!! My whole zone was crazy jealous. Special thanks to DIANE AND FAMILY!! xoxoxo

With Hermana Josefa y Ivan our "mission parents" Also, Elder Sepulveda and Elder Narvais (he goes home in 2 weeks!) :{(  hahaha this looks like a mustache and it was an accident but I'm going to leave it.



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