Monday, September 7, 2015

Gringo Moments


Wow I love hearing from you guys and seeing all of the pictures. This week was really good! First of all I need to tell you that I love my new companion. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous at first but I have found out that she's my "Ekins" here. She is from Mexico like I mentioned last week and has a ton of support from her family. It's actually really cool because her entire family, and I mean ENTIRE family are members. Her grandma was a missionary back in the day when her mission was all of Mexico! She didn't have a badge or any training but went out with a companion and 4 dresses to spread the good news. Hermana Haro is great and although she doesn't speak English much, she understands almost everything (because Mexico is very gringo-ized) This is nice because we can have actual conversations and I feel like she is not only my companion but also my friend. We also like a lot of the same music (I know, I'm so blessed!) and she's also the oldest child, is sassy, lkes to joke around and loves french fries. It's great honestly. Yeah, it's hard for both of us to be newbies and not know the area super well or how to be an amazing gospel teacher, but we are always positive, exactly obedient, and work hard. Anyways, last P day we were able to watch the new Minions movie. I am grateful we can watch movies, even if our "no love" "no romance" selection is a little pitiful. haha  Afterwards, we went with Elder Espitia and McClain for Pollo Broaster. I don't know what it is, but I love their "fry sauce". It's kind of spicy and super delicious. There's also a salad dressing here that I like. I will get a recipe so maybe I can be healthy in 16 months. (I'm also embarrassed that 40% of my emails are always about food) NO REGRETS haha At the beginning of each month the entire zone meets up at a bank to take out money for the month. It's so funny to me because we have to remove our badges so people won't know that we're missionaries. Because it's not completely obvious that 20 young people in church attire, many of which are foreigners, are missionaries! I really like my zone too.
I had a lot of "Gringo Moments" this week. First of all, it was night time and I was trying to signal a bus to take us home. Turns out the bus that I was signaling was actually a vegetable truck. TWICE. I am also always falling. Literally. Out of the bus, on the bus, tripping over rocks. Hermana Haro asked me if the problem was me or my shoes. We wrote it as one of our goals this week haha. Finally, my most embarrassing gringo moment was while we were doing laundry with a woman in the cerros. We offered to help her because she was washing for 8 people. First of all, I don't ever want to hear you complain about doing laundry unless you're doing it with cold water for eight people by hand on the top of a cerro in Peru. It was a good experience and was only embarrassing because almost everything that I washed, she redid because I didn't know how to do it right. 

This week wasn't without challenges. Like I mentioned, we are working really hard but aren't being met with much success. It is frustrating because people will seem like they're progressing but then won't follow through with their commitments such as reading parts of the Book of Mormon, the pamphlets we leave, praying, and attending church. Yesterday we went to 4 different houses of our investigators to pick them up for church and only ended up with 1 coming with us. And that was after we were very persistent and helped with laundry (to eliminate the excuse). It is hard because I see other areas with baptisms and baptismal dates and with lots of investigators in the capilla and we don't have any that are honestly progressing. Yes, we have some that are promising to do things that would make them progress but never actually follow through. If they only knew what they were missing out on. 

We saw a HUGE miracle this week. Every Friday we can take our new converts to the Stake center (20 minute bus ride away) to do Family History with some missionaries that specialize in that. Anyways, we dropped off one family and went to pick up another girl named Jimisue. While we were waiting to catch a bus back up, there were 2 we could have gotten on but decided not to for some reason. We got on the third bus and about five minutes later there was a huge crash for the bus we almost got on. The bus crashed into a truck carrying rocks and the entire front was smashed in. We're not sure of all the details but there is for sure one person dead. I know that the Lord protected us by prompting us to wait for another bus. That was a huge eye opener for me. 

That's about all I have for this week, sorry there aren't more pictures. I am jealous you are at the cabin! I hope you enjoy all the beauty up there. I also can't believe Quinn is home. Hasn't it only been like 6 months?! 
In response to your questions: I don't hardly see the mission president. Once every transfer we have a training with him and this month we have a review of our houses with his wife to see if everything is safe and clean. (That's scary haha) But we have to email him every Monday before we email you guys to tell him all of our problems and he always responds that way. Also there is a group email to our mission every week. I have gotten one letter from Diane! I wrote her back (and a letter for you guys too) but the problem is, I can't find a post office anywhere. I keep them in my bag in case we ever come across one so wish me luck in that. I can't think of much I want for my birthday or christmas. Honestly my favorite things are letters and pictures. I would say a Costco cake and flowers but that might be a little hard to send ;) Maybe just save up your money and I can have a fake birthday when I get home. The only thing I can really think of is a package of blue BIC pens a picture of the family and maybe a white shade shirt. Super exciting haha I am understanding a little bit more spanish. It's not super noticeable because I'm still lost a lot of the time but I'm a little less lost than before.

Thanks for the love ! Sending lots of it your way,
Hermana Sav
I LOVE my Comp!

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