Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Comp, New Area

Hola Familia!! 

Holy nuggets I seriously am having the hardest time believing that you have snow and... bueno, that snow exists! I am literally dying of heat and am sunburnt and spending all my money on sunscreen, cremoladas (peruvian snowcones!!), and aloe vera haha! I also ended up spending a good chunck of my birthday money on buying new shampoo, conditioner, soap, makeup and all of the things that got stolen by a taxi driver in my backpacks. Yeah, I'm just laughing now because literally I have the WORST luck! So if you haven't figured it out by now about the taxi driver and my missing things, I HAD CAMBIOS (transfers)! I am now in the ward Belaunde, in Comas. This cambio, they closed the area of the Elders (there were in the ward one companionship of elders and one of hermanas) and now we have both areas and are the only missionaries in the ward! The area is HUGE and has literally thousands of houses and tons of people, aka super potential! We are basically starting from scratch in the area of the Elders (their area book was un poco crap) but we are ready to work hard and find new people to teach! My new companion is Hermana Magne, from Bolivia. We are from the same group from the CCM and are co-mayores as companions. I don't have any time but know that I am good and happy! Hopefully these pictures will go through... 

Love always,
Hermana Roca

My old district

leaders de zona San Felipe (bye!)

the last supper (with the familia lopez) featuring mexican tacos

Old and New (with Hermana Gaona and Hermana Magne)

new area, new year (dramatic caption, dramatic photo)

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