Monday, January 18, 2016

We Are Meant to Shine!

Hola familia! 

Ahhh it's still so weird to think about cold and snow (and cleaning the duplex... I guess you could say there's some things I don't miss!) 

This week was so good! We had a special multizona capacitación (multi zone training) with Presidente Erickson and that is always a treat- I actually want to spend most of my email about this training. The whole lesson was on how the Plan of Salvation really is a Plan of Happiness. First of all, to understand the plan de salvación, it's essential to have a knowledge of the Book of Mormon. In the bible it never mentions the word "plan". We know that the word "plan" means having goals with a point in mind, a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something, or an intention or decision about what one is going to do. Therefore, the Plan of Happiness is a way to achieve just that, VERDADERO FELICIDAD o sea, (or rather, TRUE HAPPINESS). He started out talking about how if we have a recipe to make chocolate chip cookies, it is literally impossible that IF we follow all of the steps, it will turn out as lomo saltado or causa or basically anything that is NOT chocolate chip cookies. Essentially, if we are living the gospel as explained in the Plan of Happiness, we are gauranteed happiness, or else God would cease to be God. There is no other option. We reviewed the basic overview of the plan of salvation- that we lived with God before but were not as He is, that  Adam and Eve had to eat the fruit for us to be able to come to Earth, that we are able to overcome the effects of the Fall por medio de Jesus Christ (through Jesus Christ), and that we have the potential to not only live with God again, but to be like Him. He simplified the Plan even more to talk about how Happiness= obedience to the commandments and laws of the gospel and a firm mind based in faith in Jesus Christ. We reviewed several examples in the scriptures where people, NO MATTER THEIR CIRCUMSTANCE, were able to experience pure joy and happiness. Our happiness does not depend on other people, sino (but) on how we show God that we are dispuesto a seguirle por medio de (willing to follow him through) obedience and faith in Him. I was reading a conference talk by President Monson from this last General Conference that talked about almost the same thing. President Monson was describing how in the Jersulem center the BYU students weren't allowed to proselyte (spelling....??) but the man asked "Well what are we going to do about the light in their eyes?" We have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We know our purpose here in this life, where we came from, and where we're going. We have the light of Jesus Christ. WE ARE MEANT TO SHINE!  I know that we are so blessed to have the gospel. I have seen the light in the eyes of so many people- other missionaries, members, good people, and mostly in the eyes of someone who has made a covenant with God (Shout out to Moises our bautismo (baptism) this week!) Let people see this light. BE HAPPY!

Love always,

Hermana HappySav
At Moises' baptism!

Moises and his wife, Marta Luz (member). She's been waiting for this day for a long time :,)

almost like father and son haha (featuring Elder Martinez de Honduras)

Early morning soccer practice

Elder Martinez, Elder Kimball

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