Monday, January 25, 2016

Today God told me....


This week has been good but I don't have a ton of new stuff to tell you! This last monday we went on a real hike! aka we hiked up to the very top of the cerros (mountains of DIRT). It was really fun, but I won't lie, it felt a little like we were walking up to the sun- it was so hot! The view was incredible. We could see in 360 degrees all of Comas hasta the ocean! It's too bad we can't ever visit the beach... While we were up top I looked over the whole city and yelled "arrepientense"!! (repent!) haha proclaim the gospel right? This week was really special because we were blessed with two great capacitaciones (trainings)- one by Presidente Erickson about the Godhead. The other was a live world-wide missionary broadcast put on by the General Missionary Council of the Church. The speakers were Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, and some 70's members as well as the President of the General Young Womens Presidency. They talked about basic Preach my Gospel principles that help us live up to our potential as missionaries including how we can learn and use scripture, not only to teach, but to bless our lives as well! With Presidente Erickson, we learned about characteristics of God the Father, Christ (Jehovah), and the Holy Ghost. I learned so much and was left with a lot to ponder and further study! One challenge Presidente gave each of us is to begin to write down the promptings that the Spirit brings us every day. "Today God told me..." I started doing it these last 4 days since the capacitacion and have already seen a difference that when we are looking for the hand of God, we can sure see it. There are various scriptures that say we need to "prestar atención" (pay attention) in order to fully benefit from the Restored Gospel. I hope each of you can begin to write down promptings that God sends you- whether it be to be a little more patient in a certain moment, to talk to someone, to send a text, something new that you learned from scriptural study, etc. Thanks for the love!

Hermana Stone

The wind is always ruining my hair! haha

My (pretty) house :-)

Locked outside of the church!

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