Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"You will be responsible for what the Spirit prompts you"

How fun to see the pictures of the family reunion, it's crazy to think that the family has grown so much with everyone's husbands (and new dogs haha) Like grandma says, they're the children!! Also, congrats dad on the new job!! 

This stupid keyboard in the internet cafe is sticky and my patience might run thin trying to type everything out but this week has been good. The highlight was definitely Emilia's baptism!! She is really short and had to use a children's baptismal suit but looked like an angel. After her baptism, she stood in front of everyone and said that she feels so happy, and so clean. Hermana Antunez and I sang "I stand all amazed" as part of the program and it all went really well, even though no one in her family came to support. The bishop talked about how as members, however, we are a big family. I have felt that too- with fatherly council from the bishop, to the little old ladies who sew the holes in our clothes to the sisters in the relief society that always not only feed us, but send us home with bread and avocado and tea to keep warm. I am so grateful for the church. We had a lot of special experiences this week, one of which was contacting and teaching a woman named Jennifer. As we were teaching, she told us that two nights before we showed up, she was up all night crying because she thought that she, her husband and two kids were going to hell. She was a little scared that we showed up and it was a huge testimony that God hears our prayers, and we can help Him answer. In a conference we had with Presidente, he said "You will be responsible for what the Spirit prompts you" I know that if we pay attention and act upon the things that come to mind, we will be blessed, AND SO MANY OTHERS TOO WILL BE BLESSED! I hope you enjoy the cabin and have a good week! 

Stay sweet,

Hermana Stone

Emilia's Baptism

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