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Sorry about being a lazy writer sometimes, it just is hard to think of what has happened for the whole last week and try to make it interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love being here but realmente, it's a lot of walking around and doing the same things that doesn't really make sense to share week after week. The good thing is, these last couple of days we had a lot of weird little things that happened that I guess I can share. ;) First of all, a missionary just got home from our ward who is super pilas and helping us a ton! He has been introducing us to old friends, neighbors, a random tia that is visiting from the United States this month, and even hosted a family home evening in his house and picked up one of our investigators to go to church! It's so weird, and so nice to have some help from the members. It's also fun to hear all of his crazy stories from his mission in Colombia. And I thought these peruvians were loco.... haha This week we also had a fun ward activity that was a dessert festival. We were able to bring a family of investigators (who we actually contacted that same day!) and they loved it too. It was kind of embarrassing though because we had to leave early but we also wanted to try everything- the hermanas from relief society packed a little bit of everything on little plates. There are definately perks to being a missionary. Stefy also came to visit me and say hi! 

We also have had some interesting experiences in lessons this week. First of all, while teaching a conversa (who is less active) the other day she had this psychiatric attack and started screaming and had fire in her eyes. She then started crying and rocking back and forth. We didn't know what to do but we called her daughter to come and calm her down. The lady told us that she had been possessed by a devil. We're still not really sure what really happened but we finished the lesson quickly and got out of there. We also had two lessons super bacanes. First of all, one was with Hermana Richardson in Independencia. We were teaching a man about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a public square and another man came and sat down next to him and started paying attention and listening closely. There were a ton of people passing by- at one point the man stopped us, looked me straight in the eyes and thanked us for what we were doing. He told us to keep working and relying on God. It turns out he was a member from Centro de Lima, but I seriously think he might have been one of the three nephites!!! haha but seriously. We also had a really cool lesson with a guy named Luis that we're teaching. He has a lot of problems with a lot of commandments and although he has desires to change, he feels like he's too weak to do it. We taught a lesson focused on how the atonement not only helps us overcome death and sin in some distant future, but helps to strengthen us in our weaknesses now. The spirit was so strong and we asked him how he felt. He admitted that it was something different than he has experienced before and we testified that it was the Holy Ghost. He asked us how we knew what he was feeling, and we said that we could feel His presence enter as well. It was one of the most powerful experiences I've had so far.

I'm glad to see you guys are having fun celebrating America- there were two huge fiestas this week. One was for Virgin del Carmen and the other for el Apostol Santiago. There was a lot of live music, food, fireworks, and drinking for the whole weekend. We could see almost all of it from our house in the cerro! I hope you guys have a good week!

Hermana Stone

festival de postres

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