Monday, August 1, 2016

Bird Talk


The pictures are always so fun! I literally can't believe how green everything is too- it all seems so fake to me. I've forgotten what green really is. Even my clothes are faded and dirty by now!! haha 

This week was interesting- the twenty eighth of July is the día de independencia here complete with a whole two week vacation break for the collegios (elementary schools) and a four day weekend for basically everyone else. That means that yes, there were lots of people in the streets to talk to BUT all were busy and playing soccer and drinking literally all day and all night all weekend. We live up in a cerro (hill) and it was fun to see all of the fireworks and stuff at night, but the nonstop music and booya got old. In one celebration we passed by, there was a big processional with a Saint that the Catholic church was parading. There were a bunch of priests and also masked people in traditional dance clothing. One came up to us and started following us and grabbing our arms. We were both freaking out and saying "You can't touch us" until finally he left. Que vergüenza. The whole group gathered just stared. Pobre mormonas. haha We had another funny experience. We were knocking doors (another fun thing to do when no one wants to listen to you!!) and the people here normally don't just answer, they yell "¿quien?" (who)? and then decide to answer or not. Anyways, knocking a door they yelled quien, we answered and no one came out. We knocked again and yelled hello, and they responded with "quien?" again. After about 2 more times, just annoyed that they weren't answering, we realized that it wasn't anyone, but a PARROT INSIDE. face. palm. We just laughed. 

For my favorite spiritual experience this week, we had a lesson super bacan (awesome) with Luis, one of our investigators. We have been teaching him and helping him put goals to quit smoking. We went to our next lesson with him a few days later and he shared with us that after our last lesson and after reading the book of mormon, he only smoked 3 cigarettes in the whole day! (He normally is smoking 15 a day). It was such a huge testimony to me that it's not US converting people or even helping them, it is the POWER of the Holy Ghost and the pure doctrine of Christ. I invite you all to read "Rooted in Christ" from this months Liahona. It is a good reminder that when we are converted to HIM, when we are built upon His rock, we cannot fail. I hope you have a good week! 
Hermana Stone 


I have a really sinky mattress so we had to put blankets and magazines to help support it

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