Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!


I love hearing from you every week, and even more.... seeing the pictures. It is weird to think that everything is so bright and sunny and full bloomed flowers and beautiful. I am also happy to hear that you'll be celebrating the Fourth of July. I too, am proud to be an American! (Today for P day we are going to grill hamburgers, watch a movie and play football. Not fútbol soccer-for the first time ever- but football football! I also have my red white and blue on :) 

This week has been crazy. We have taught evagelicos, testigos de jehovah, catolicos and every kind of person. I love it because they all have such different view points and opinions that we can relate to. This week when we went to Plaza Norte, Hermana Kingston and I took a picture as Frozen, there were two moms that wanted to pay us to take pictures with their kids. There was also a big protest in my area this week (The government wants to take out one of the only green areas to build apartment buildings) The news came and while passing by wanted to interview us. We just pretended that we didn't understand and kept walking fastly haha We're just so famous!

We were able to meet the new Presidente Godfrey and his wife and 3 of 6 kids that will be living here during their mission. They're very young and also sweet. We will have our interviews with him in the proxima semana (next week). One of the funniest moments we had was teaching a reference named Diego. He wanted us to meet his handicapped son who was in a back room but we had to sneak past his blind super roman catholic mother to avoid her condemning us like the last time we tried to invite her to the church. It was hilarious tiptoeing past but it worked well! We have seen a lot of miracles in our area- We were literally led to an awesome couple who attended church yesterday and even in the very first lesson, felt the spirit strongly and said that Joseph Smith must've been a prophet- it only makes sense. And it's true. I love being a missionary- little moments like these make all of the walking and blisters and bugs and rejection be worth it. I hope you're all well. Set off some fireworks for me and say hi to everyone in the BBQ! 



Frozen. When people walk by and ask us if we are the real life princesses and want to pay us to take pictures with their kids.....Too bad we can't haha

First work visit alone in my area

Shout out from the internet cafe

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