Monday, June 27, 2016

One for the BOOKS.


This week has been one for the BOOKS. I feel like it has been the fastest week I have had so far in my mission- that's what you get when you work so. freaking. hard. haha First of all I'd like to introduce you to my new companion, Hermana Mishelle Llerena from Quito, Equador. She has one change more than me but we are going to die together in December because I had a month more than her in the CCM. It is so fun to be with someone from your own group, especially when it's someone tan linda como ella (so cute like her)! I was happy to know that she too is ready to work hard and laugh and eat chocolate covered saltine crackers (don't knock it till you try it). Like I said before, this week was crazy, obviously with a new area and new companion. We have been working hard to find new people to teach because there isn't anyone progressing yet (aside from the baptism that we had on Saturday) It was almost like a game to see who could contact every family first or who could squeeze the most references out of the members ;) 

My favorite part so far about my area, and the craziest thing of all, is that we are teaching 6 sordo-mudos, or in other words 6 people who are deaf and mute. They are converts and actually live outside of my area but come here to go to church and have the missionary lessons. Every day we have an hour of language study and Hermana Llerena and I spend the whole time with our book of Signs. It's also interesting because it's not exactly ASL, but a special Peruvian Sign Language! We also have permission to go to a class every Sunday that one of the (very patient) sordo mudos give that help us learn and improve our signs. I don't understand a lot about how they respond and what they say if they go fast, but I BELIEVE IN THE GIFT OF TONGUES (hands?) I have already been able to learn a lot and teach a full lesson of Keeping the Sabbath Day holy and how to pray. I feel such a great love for these people- I can't even explain it. It is beautiful to see how they express themselves without saying a word. This week we also had the farewell of Presidente y Hermana Erickson. It was so sad but also really happy. I love them. 

This week we are also celebrating 60 years that the church is officially in Peru! An official branch (a small congregation) was organized in July 1956, missionaries began preaching in August, and a Church building was purchased in November. Prior to this, Latter-day Saint families living in Peru held group meetings. In 1959, when the Andes Mission was organized, there were 300 members in five congregations. Now there are over 568,559 members, 13 missions, and a second temple coming. What a blessing to take part in it. I hope you guys have a great week. Love,


In response to questions regarding her new responsibilty as Hermana Capacidora: As sister training leaders we have to do 24 hour work visits twice a week (once I go to the area of the hermanas and one comes here and once I stay in my area and another sister comes) We also have to do two lamanitas which is when we surprise them and go to do practicas with them and look at their area book and help them set goals and everything. It's like a zone leader but for the sisters! Hermana Llerena is also a sister leader. She's training me how to do it! It's kind of stressful but it is fun and changes up the routine a lot!
last night with Hermana Antunez

Zona Tahuantinsuyo

With new companion Hermana Mishelle Llerena from Quito, Equador

despedida de presidente

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