Monday, November 9, 2015

Get Your Feet WET!


First of all thank you for sharing the talk from Elder Scott with me about the Holy Ghost. I love how he said that we need to act and if it is right, we will be confirmed. If it is wrong, He will tell us before it is too late. This week I was reading the story of when the people had to cross the water and it didn't part until their feet were wet. This is a great reminder to trust that the Lord trusts you. 

Thanks for keeping me updated on the news from home. Give grandma a big hug for me! I also love what you said about getting answers from the scriptures. This morning I was studying in Preach my Gospel about how we can recognize the Spirit. I challenge each of you to go online and read the chapter on recognizing the Spirit as well as DyC chapters 8 and 9. This week we had a special capacitacion with Presidente Erickson. I want everyone to know that I know that we are assigned to our mission not only for the place or people, but moreso for the President in which we work under. He is a man inspired by God and I learned so much. The topic was Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon in the function of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Among all of the powerful things we learned about him, backed up with scripture in Doctrina y Convenios, the book of mormon, and the Bible, was the role of the Book of mormon in the Final Judgement. We learned that this book will be what divides the people. Those who choose to accept it (and learn and act upon it) will receive a crown of glory whereas those who reject it will be condemned. I love how the scriptures are so direct. There really is no other way we can be saved and receive this "crown of glory" with eternal life without the restored gospel, without the restored priesthood to perform the saving ordinances of baptism and confirmation of the Holy Ghost. When people make fun of the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith, Presidente told us to DEFENDELO. Don't be shy about it. He told us that if we declare these things, and they choose to reject our message (His message) we will stand as witnesses against them at the bar of God. However, if we are timid or unclear, the culpa will fall upon our heads. I know that God has sent us here as missionaries, but also each of us as members, to declare the truth with a voice of a trumpet. I want to invite each of you to reflect on the moment when you KNEW that Joseph Smith was a prophet. When you KNEW that the Book of Mormon is true- and DEFENDELO. If you aren't completely sure right now of these things, study the Book of Mormon and pray directly for an answer and I promise God will answer in one way or another. 

We have a lot of great people that we are working with, all of which have problems (laziness, need to get married, have crazy inlaws...) The crazy inlaws part was funny because everyone always talks about crazy inlaws but these inlaws were so mad that we were coming that they ordered a sacerdote (priest) to their house to try and set them straight from all of the "mindwashing the Mormons are doing". I hate how people won't even listen one time to see that all of their ideas about us (that we're all rich, worship Joseph Smith, don't believe in God or the Bible... etc) are COMPLETELY WRONG. We are finally starting to see success in this area and are working hard to help these people make covenants with their Father in Heaven. I'm thankful for all of the support and love you guys send me. I pray for you every day. Love always,

Hermana Piedra

Toshi and Tadashi, the kids of Yuri and Yoyi (who we live with) They are ANGELS in a cute annoying way haha

Worlds best arroz con leche by Wilson Cumpa-a recent "rescatado" He's been inactive for 20 years and just got his temple reccommend for this week

zone leaders (yes, they're all hipsters)

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