Monday, November 2, 2015

Ears to Hear, and Eyes to See


Wow those homemade donuts look amazing. There is a food called "picarones" that is basically donuts but with a honey glaze they put on it. There are two ladies on the corner of my area who sell them and are our friends because we stop a little too frequently. How embarrassing haha but we get a discount! All of the kids looked great for halloween too! In the morning I bought a bunch of hard candies that I handed out to kids while we were proselyting and teaching. Hermana Adams and I also dressed up as Ana and Elsa from Frozen which was really fun! We spent Halloween teaching like normal but in the night met up with the Lidres de zona and the other Elders whose area borders ours in the house of Yuri for pizza and soda and stories! 

My birthday was also good! We had service (painted another house and helped move sand bags) and 4 different people brought us cake! At the end of the day we went to Yuri and Yoyi's house (we live with them but in a seperate entrance) and all the lights were out. We walked in and their entire family jumped out "feliz cumpleaños!" There were balloons, a sign, a torta de galletas con manjar (YUMMMMM) and a big family hug. It was so sweet of them and I felt really loved. Hermana Gomez woke me up singing a special Mexican birthday song and gave me a peruvian backpack. (smiley emoji) My birthday package was also the best! Thank you so much for the new clothes, TORTILLAS (gomez is excited for this too) and the new BIC pens haha 

This week we saw two people get robbed, one of which was assaulted too. We aren't allowed to carry much money. My investigators are good. We have several people we are working with who are progressing but also have a lot of problems. Permission from parents, needs to get married, is addicted to alcohol, etc. We are working hard and praying harder. I hope we can start seeing some fruits of our labor! This week I had an interesting experience. I am obviously feeling the Spirit during the day but was having a hard time recognizing it. I would pray for guidance of where we should go, what we should say, who we should focus our time on, and feeling like I wasn't getting any answers. I was so frustrated that a name didn't pop into my head, that there wasn't a "burning in my bosom" or someone pass in front of me when I was praying for these things. I have been studying a lot about the Holy Ghost this week in the scriptures and Preach my Gospel and realized that the whole time God has been leading us and protecting us   Y ocurrió que cuando oyeron esta voz, y percibieron que no era una voz de trueno, ni una voz de un gran ruido tumultuoso, mas he aquí, era una voz apacible de perfecta suavidad, cual si hubiese sido un susurro, y penetraba hasta el alma misma; (google translate: And it came to pass when they heard this voice, and beheld that it was not a voice of thunder, or a voice of great tumultous noise, but behold, it was a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and penetrated to the very soul)
I know that God is always with us, we just need to be looking and listening a little more carefully. Have ears to hear and eyes to see. I love you guys and pray for you every day. Love always,

Painting another house. Word got out that the gringas do service for free
Halloween as Anna and Elsa

missionary poker (or paying over 600 soles of american food)

moto taxi "Dios esta con nosotros"

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