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Wow I can't believe how beautiful the river trail is! I feel so weird that it's November. I seriously forget what time of year it is- my only reference is my daily planner. You guys look great and super happy which makes me happy. This week I thought of you and your diet. We are teaching someone with a problem with Coffee and I made him a deal that if he gives up coffee, I will give up soda. It has been hard because everyone and their dog offers us a coke or IncaCola at the end of each lesson and I've started to just carry around my water bottle. *tear* haha 

The highlight of this week was my first ever MUNDIAL. This is the "World Cup" of futbol for the Mision Peru Lima Norte. We all gathered at some fields in Independencia and had several games leading up to the championship. My zone came in third place and it was so fun and pretty intense. Our zone was definitely the best cheerers however. Between me and Elder Pastenes (one of the zone leaders) we made up and led everyone in some pretty fun cheers. One of them was "Arroz, frijol, queremos un GOAL!" We also did "Dame un P (P!) Dame un P (P!) Dame uno mas P (!) Que dicen? SAN FELIPE SAN FELIPE SAN FELIPE!" We were all jumping and cheering and laughing and it was super fun. I got fried on my neck (I used sunscreen on my whole body except my neck because I forgot). Point is, I'm going to DIE in summer. haha It was also fun to see everyone from my other zone again, Hermana Valbuena (she dies this cambio!) and my friends from the CCM. Hermana Haro bought me a mini cactus for my birthdaythat she was finally able to give me! Do you guys still have the cactus I bought for you to care for?  We will all meet up again on Christmas day. 

The hermano who made us arroz con leche also owns a cevicheria. We're not allowed to eat ceviche but he made us a plate of conchas de albanico, langostinos y pulpo (shells , shrimp and octopus).. I thought I was going to die with the octupus but with enough aji it was actually delicious. I can seriously eat almost anything now. 

We've been playing basketball at 6 am lately with part of our zone. It has been fun to play (embarrass myself) even if it means sacrificing an hour of sleep. This week we were able to find a lot of great new people to teach. We learned about the importance of asking for references in finding nuevos and wow, what a difference. It is so helpful because the people automatically trust you a little more, because their friend recommended us. It also helps them have a friend in the ward, someone they can relate to (you know, better than two twenty year old extranjeros) and someone to go to with doubts or concerns. We put it in practice this week and asked everyone for references. I challenge each of you to take a look at your friends, neighbors, and family and look for someone to share the gospel with. You shouldn't be afraid to share it- these people are our brothers and sisters who literally can not be saved without this gospel. Think of your sister or daughter or some family member lost in the city. Are you going to ask everyone in the streets if they've seen her? Are you going to look till you're darn right exhausted in order to find her and save her? It's the same for those around us. Put forth the effort with joy! We have cambios today and I seriously don't know what's going to happen. I know that whatever happens will be for the best. I am really enjoying the mission, not in the way that some people might think. It has been really cool to see people in a different light. To weep for them. To laugh with them. To tell them something that they've never heard before that will change their life forever. It has been interesting to learn how to work with a companion. To see how similar and how DIFFERENT you can be. To try your patience, with others and yourself. To spend time STUDYING the scriptures. I know that this gospel is true. Before my mission I think I only had an idea but now I am sure of it. I have a lot to learn and am far from perfect, but I know that the Lord is pleased with what I'm doing which is the most important thing. Keep up the good work. Be missionaries now! 

Love you tons,

Hermana Stone

bye hermana valbuena. Good luck with real life in Colombia!

expect a lot of mundial photos whoo hoo!!

Zona San Felipe!

The Red Sea

lunch at our favorite place in town, El Ruedo

Met up with Kaylee Kingston at Mundial!

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