Monday, November 23, 2015

OLA (Not Hola!)


This week, like so many in the mission, was crazy! After internet last week we met up to announce cambios and Hermana Gomez se fue. Fourth transfer, fourth companion. Normal. We all went to lunch como zona afterwards to talk and laugh and then watched a movie together. (It was puss in boots. I thought it was funny until I realized that I might just be thinking that because I haven't seen a "real" movie in 5 months).  Tuesday we all met up for cambios and my new companion is Hermana Gaona! She is also from Mexico (estado de mexico) and is super cool. So far I have gotten along really well with the Mexicans! We "purified" the house and the Area book, both of which were big jobs. There were clothes, shoes, papers, registros, and crap from the Elders who were here almost 2 years ago!  

I discovered my new addiction, fried yucca with a special crema that tastes like the sauce at Red Robin. One of the Menos activos we're working with owns a restaurant and it looks like we'll be having a lot of lessons around dinner time ;) We were trying to follow up with a family that went to church with us last week and were met with a bunch of excuses. It breaks my heart to have people experience something so wonderful, and then fall into the temptation of their natural man. Laziness, excuses with work, etc. We left their apartment and ended up teaching a lady in a room dedicated to her hamsters (seriously 12 cages) It was an interesting experience. We are working with some good families and trying to get them to COMMIT to doing the small things (What we call OLA- orar, leer, y asistir) OLA is the secret to conversion. I hope each of you will evaluate your OLA and if you're one of the people that have fallen into the trap of "not having enough time", read in the bathroom. Listen to your scriptures while making dinner. While driving to work. One of the people we live with (the mom of Hno Yoyi) teaches seminary every morning at 6 am, has a job, cares for her parents and kids and grandkids, is a teacher in Relief Society and is always really busy. But she wakes up at 3:30 am to study her scriptures. Make the sacrifice and I promise that it'll be worth it! I guess the only other new thing for me is that I bought a new deoderant that I'm allergic too. Dang it Peru haha I have a nasty rash in my armpits but hey, at least I have an excuse now for not shaving ;) Keep up the good work and give everyone a hug for me!

Hermana Sav

Old District

Siempre Sassy

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