Monday, February 1, 2016

The Sabbath Delight


As usual it's fun to see you guys looking so good in all of these photos. Myles is so cute :-) I'm excited to meet him when I get home! 

This week has been good. I wanted to start off with answering a few of your questions. First of all, my companion is Hermana Magne from Oruro Bolivia and I think we'll have another transfer together. She is 24 years old and before the mission was an elementary school teacher. Right now we are teaching several people but are in a kind of standstill with people who are progressing. We are in Comas, barrio Belaunde, and my area has flat area and 2 cerros (hills). We are dying of heat and sweating a lot but it has given us the chance to use what dad said and start a conversation over a cup of water because the people feel bad for us! We are living in the house of a member on the third floor. I love it because every morning when we wake up, I like to open up the windows and look over the park and the whole area. The members are in a different ward and we never talk to them (which was a big change after living with Yuri!) but they're always pleasant. 

I was able to play the piano for sacrament meeting yesterday which was so refreshing. The hermana that usually plays didn't show up and after singing the first hymn without accompaniment with a bunch of different melodies, I ran to the front to try and offer some help. It felt good to play an instrument again :) In Relief Society and Priesthood combined, we watched a training about Sabbath Day observance from April 2015. One of the segments we watched was about how we can spend the Sabbath apart from going to church. It got me thinking about a lot of the traditions we have as a family: "waiting" to eat until dad get's home, sharing what we learned and funny experiences around the table, baking treats with mom to take to neighbors and friends,Sunday walks on the river trail or family bike rides, going to grandmas house to play cards, etc. I am grateful for a home that has taught me how to appreciate and DELIGHT in the Sabbath day while spending quality time with family. I know that as we live the Sabbath day, not only by going to church, but by striving the whole day to do wholesome things with family, we will truly find rest and be better prepared for the week. I know that the sacrament is an ordinance that we should not miss for anything. It is literally the opportunity to be clean again. While participating in the Sacrament, we remember Christ's sacrifice, promise to take upon us His name, always remember Him, and keep the commandments, and in return we are promised de nuevo la presencia del Espiritu Santo (always have the His spirit with us), to be cleaned from our sins, and to be born again to be able to enter into His Glory. As we take and prepare to take the sacrament, we will be filled with the Spirit of God to testify to us PERSONALLY what we can do to be more like Him. I have felt the difference when we have been late and couldn't take it! I hope you guys will not think about this ordinance only while you're eating the bread and drinking the water, but instead reflect and repent before to be cleansed Sunday morning. Thank you for all of your support and love you're sending my way! 

Hermana Stone

"la fabrica" is what people say when you're from Utah. It means "the factory" of Mormon missionaries. Fitting

salió bien

Centro de Lima

One thing I love about Peru....

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