Monday, February 15, 2016

But sometimes it is.

No group email today... but here is a snippet from our personal email to share:

The story of you guys serving the old lady was really sweet. On our way to lunch two days ago we were walking and there was an older woman struggling to carry some heavy bags back to her house. We offered to help and ended up going all the way home with her. The bags were full of bottles of cerveza (beer) but we were able to set up an appointment for another day.

We had another visita de trabajo with the hermana capacitadoras. I was able to teach with Hermana Eliason and she is one of my new best friends I think. We were teaching a woman who fell away from the church after reading some anti mormon things and that now she is questioning if anything that we have taught is true. She said that she has been reading the Book of Mormon but doesn't feel anything. We taught about how when Christ came to the Americas, a voice came from heaven three times before the people understood. The thing that changed is that they now had eyes set upon the heavens and ears to hear. (verse 3 Nefi 11) I testified to her that sometimes we are doing things right and feeling the spirit, but we don't really recognize it. In that moment, I felt the Spirit testify to me in a sort of "lightbulb" way. DING! Sometimes I feel bad because I feel like I don't feel the Spirit during the day as much as I should. But in that moment, I realized that it's not always a warm feeling in my chest. But sometimes it is. It's not always bringing a scripture or experience to mind. But sometimes it is. It's not always running into someone in the street that wasn't in your plans. But sometimes it is.

We bought a Frozen piñata to celebrate nothing :) 

Good week,

Hermana Sav
Finally got to see the ocean! (aka it rained a ton for the first time in forever apparently.) (for more information look up the phenomenon El Niño)
the last supper (breakfast) as a district

don't you love those?

This is what damaged hair looks like. I got it cut.... but it's still bad.

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