Monday, February 29, 2016

The Best Joy


I don't know if I ever told you this but the faceswapping app was how I made it through AP Government without dying of boredom! haha Those pictures were scary... It is so good to see you guys at the temple open house. I am so excited to be able to go when I get back- too bad I'll miss all the weddings (I just sounded like a typical missionary haha) This week has been good. Not a lot of new stuff but I am happy and working hard. We painted another house, ate some food that was NOT rice and chicken (!!!) were yelled at by a bunch of drunk men while their kids were doing Carnivales (a tradition where everyone throws water on everyone every Sunday in the month of February. It was super big yesterday because it was the last Sunday of the month!) and were able to teach. One of our investigators, Marisol, is getting baptized this weekend if all goes well. Her mom was a less active member and now her mom is attending again and her daughter now is getting baptized! She is 19 and so sweet. I feel like we are good friends and I feel a kind of joy to be able to help my friend come unto Christ. I got your package yesterday and this morning I brought a bunch of the american chocolates to share with my zone in Internet. Everyone is currently saying thank you. Thanks for the letters, the new socks (that may or may not have been the highlight) the treats and everything else you do for me. I love you guys!

Hermana Stone

Marisol and her mom, Gladys

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