Monday, March 21, 2016

Trucha. How Special!


Ah! I'm so jealous you got to go to the temple dedication (and the bridal shower!!) It was Elder Robbins that spoke to us just a week ago, he was really great. I love the comparison with having a current temple reccommend to the five wise virgins. Also, I always love the pictures you guys send. Keep them coming! This week was a good one for us. First of all, it is starting to cool off a TINY bit. Everyone says that winter should start in April. Second of all, because I realized that General conference is in 2 weeks (!!!!) and Third of all, because we are finding a lot of new people to teach! It is one of my favorite things to teach new people. It is crazy how you can be outside of a door, not knowing who is inside or anything about them, and when they permit you to enter, we can not only share something that is needed by everyone, but also show them how the gospel is needed in THEIR family, with THEIR problems and THEIR lives. 

We had a barbeque as the zone the last monday and we taught everyone how to play signs and other "camp fire" games. It was a big hit and reminded me of the countless times we have all played as a family and friends. We had another capacitaciĆ³n (training) by Presidente, another borracho (drunk) sang to us. three times. and we were able to do some heavy duty yard work for our servicio. I was so dirty I almost looked Latina, de verdad. This week started La Semana Santa which is huge here in Peru. Yesterday it was Domingo de Ramos and everyone had woven leaves/palms to "welcome in the Savior". It is also tradition to not eat carne (beef/meat) so we ate a special dish called Trucha. It is a special, hard to find, expensive fish (so we were told). I was a little dissappointed to look it up in my Spanish English dictionary to find out that it was trout. But hey, I like that now! I hope that you guys have a good week and enjoy Easter this Sunday. Don't forget the reason we celebrate it. 

Stay sweet,
Hermana Stone

I found AJ in Peru!

I'm basically latina now (super dirtyyyyy)

If you can't see stars, at least there's something to look at in the night time

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