Monday, March 14, 2016

We Find What We Seek


This week Marisol got baptized! It was super stressful because our ward mission leader called us about an hour before the service telling us that he can't come because his mother in law was in the hospital. That means that we had to open up the capilla, sweep and mop, set up the chairs, buy a little treat, set up the music and write the program. The nice thing is while writing the program you get to assign others to speak- I ended up leading the music :) The baptism was really nice- Her whole family came, including her dad who didn't want her to get baptized. I felt the Spirit so strongly as we sang the closing song, after hearing her humble testimony, "I am a Child of God". While singing, I looked over at her family and her dad was mouthing the words as the rest of us sang. I know that he felt something special that day. There are never a lot of members that go- there was the bishop and like 2 or 3 other people but we talked to the whole ward council sternly about the need of their support!! haha 

This week  we had a special capacitaciĆ³n (training) with Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the 70 and the area president (Elder Uceda) and his wife. We were junto (together) con Lima Este (I sat right next to Hermana Ekins and Hermana Minson this time!!)  and learned a lot. One of my favorite themes was that of "murmuring" that is expressed as a characteristic of Laman and Lemuel several times throughout Nefi. In 1 Nefi 17:2 contrasted with 17:20 we can see how the perspective of these brothers was so different on the same experience. Elder Robbins said "Encontramos en este vida lo que buscamos". We find what we seek. Technically, Laman and Lemuel were obedient... They went to the desert, they returned to Jerusalem for the planchas (plates). They too "suffered in the wilderness", but only Nephi was able to be happy despite the circumstances. I hope that we can all search for the best because I know we'll find it. For the rest of it...well one day when I'm home you can read my notes or something! But it was all super good. Oh yeah, and I learned how to make causa!! It's super yummy and I hope that we have the stuff in Utah so that I can (try to) duplicate it! Good week. Love you guys!

Hermana Sav

With Hermana Kingston!

Learning to make causa!

A convert gave us these political tshirts. Elections for the new Peruvian president are in 2 weeks!

The braid train

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