Monday, April 25, 2016

Recipe for Personal Revelation

Hola Familia!

A su!! Don't tell me about hiking Payson canyon and "nacho bars" and planting new flowers, ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! haha but seriously, I'm jealous, it sounds like you had a great week! And the pictures look beautiful. I'm pretty sure that the people sitting around me in internet thinks our family is a little hippie, but we're happy nada más haha 

This week has been great! The new temple in "Los Olivos" is super close! It's just outside of our mission boundaries but will be a HUGE blessing to all of the members in our mission! I don't know how long it will take to be built but it should be two or three years no? My companion is doing great. It's fun to have a "daughter". My hair is doing a little better. I bought a baby shampoo and I feel like it's falling out a little bit less so that's good. 

This week was really good. We have a lot of people progressing, just not progressing to baptism just yet. They all have little things to repent of or to understand better or something like that, but I feel happy that God is preparing a lot of people in our path. Something that I have realized and that we have combated a lot this week is this phrase: "Si Dios me permite..." it is an AWFUL EXCUSE. It is to say "If God wants me to go to church I'll go." "If God wants me to get married, I'll get married" Now, these statements aren't bad, but it is bad to sit and wait for God to remove every obstacle that could possibly get in the way of going to church, getting married, etc. GO OUT AND DO IT. FIRM MIND. GOALS. PLANS. I try to have patience with people but sometimes I think it would be better settled like a football coach yelling out orders. The people just need to understand that as it teaches us in D&C 58:27-28, we are our own agents. Our DECISIONS despite our circumstances is what helps us progress or fall back. I was also doing a lot of personal study this week about personal revelation. I have come to find that the recipe for personal revelation is searching, faith, repentance, and our obedience to the commandments. I hope that you guys can receive personal revelation to be able to achieve not only what you want, but what God has prepared for you. Have a good week!

Hermana Stone


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