Monday, April 4, 2016

Have you never been so happy that you had to weep?


Que tal?¿ This week has been super good. So my new companion is MY DAUGHTER! (aka I'm training) It stressed me out a lot at first when I got the news, but now that we're a week in, I feel good and she is really sweet. Her name is Hermana Antúnez from San Pedro, Honduras and say that I'm crazy, but she is the 21 year old, Honduranian version of Vanessa Madsen. It actually freaked me out when I realized it the third day. She is all into natural remedies (we cut savila to put in salads and apparently it's juice will help my hair not fall out??) has a lot of the same body language and a genuine love for everyone. She is one of 5 kids and the first missionary in her immediate family. She's very sweet. There are some perks to training, the first of which was a lunch with all of the trainers and the newbies eating Papa Johns. The garlic sauce for the crust may or may not have brought tears to my eyes. I miss real pizza! 

We also had a special capacitacion by presidente- It's like a mini general conference. I always love his capacitaciones! Unfortunately, our Zone Leaders forgot to tell us and when the assistants called asking where we were and why we were late, I thought it was an April Fools joke. But we got there and only missed about an hour. President talked a lot obedience and decisions that we make (along with the theme of Monson and Uchdorf in the conference!) and said something that really impacted me- "El señor nos da MAS instrucciones de explanaciones", or that God gives us more instrucciones than he does explanations. We can't expect to understand His reasoning in every moment. We are asked to walk by faith, not by sight because His thoughts truly are higher than ours. He has so much information to give us that He has to keep the instrucciones coming- Like a child about to touch a burning oven, you don't yell out "if you touch this stove you will get burned and it will hurt" and some other direction, but "yes", "No" or "Stop". God is often the same. He also talked about how we can not be slaves to our own feelings and thoughts. "Solamente porque algo viene a la mente no quiere que decir que viene de Dios". Why trust in ourselves when we have the Creator of the Universe giving us perfect instructions? This week I got a package of letters written in June. Better ten months late than never. It was funny to see all of the questions about how is the food in the CCM and if if my ping pong is getting any better. haha I don't remember who it was in conference, but there was an invitation to "palpar sus manos" or as it describes in 3 Nephi, thrust your hands into my side and feel the prints in my hands. I know that as we remember our Savior, as we follow Him and remember the prints in his hands, we will develop so much love for Him, that whatever He asks of us, we will willingly obey. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know that he holds the keys of the Priesthood here on Earth and that through God's Holy Temples, we can have eternal families. When the second temple was announced here, I was brought to tears. I remembered a quote I read by James E. Talmage that said- "Have you never been so happy that you had to weep? I have" I can add my testimony to his that the best things in life bring TRUE, not temporary happiness. I love you guys,

Hermana Sav

Con Hermana Antúnez

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