Monday, June 13, 2016

Elder Rasband!

So much happy news from you guys this week! We have had a weird week- for some reason, NO ONE wanted to receive us. Even the cool people that we've been teaching were sick, or had to go to the dentist, or their brother was moving to the US, or something. But not all were so nice. There was a woman who hates Mormons and almost threw a bucket of water on us (like they do to dogs) to make us leave her doorstep. I think she was more annoyed when we just smiled (and I just tried not to laugh while my comp tried not to cry haha) There's just days so horrible that you want to laugh- and then you get home and the only food you have in the fridge is a half carton of peach juice. Then you want to cry. haha But it wasn't all bad because... we had the conference with ELDER RASBAND!! It was so great. We were all able to shake his hand and hear his message along with his wife, and the Elder Montoya (from the presidency of the 70) and his wife as well. I love how they are such REAL people, who laugh and even choke on words sometimes, but are 100% called of God. I had that overwhelming feeling again this week. There was so much that I learned but the things that stood out to me the most, are very simple- Learn how to smile. Learn how to be "sweetly bold" (see Alma 38:12) Learn how to follow your first prompting, the one that comes form the Spirit, not the one that comes from your natural man trying to talk you out of following that prompting. Finishing the capacitaciĆ³n he shared his testimony with us and the love that he, and President Monson, have for each and every one of us. He then gave us a blessing, pleading to God to bless us against every affliction and temptation that we are facing in this moment. He told us that it is under the same affect as if he had placed his hands upon our heads to give us this blessing. I felt the Spirit come over me so strongly; that God knows that it was a rough week. That He knows what we need even before we ask. That He loves us perfectly. That He loves me perfectly. It was a good experience and another confirmation of my testimony. I hope you have a good week!!

Hermana Stone

(ps, last night for the first time in my mission I saw about 30 stars- RECORD!)

chicha morada flavored toothpaste, ¡que miedo!

building a chair with the abuelito

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