Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Good (make that GREAT) Week!


Nothing says Spanish Fork like a demolition derby or rodeo. All of the Utah Elders in my zone always make Spanish Fork stereotype jokes that I am slowly starting to realize are true hahaha!

This week was so good! We were able to have two baptisms on Saturday and I was able to do a special musical number in them both on the violin! Jefferson (who sent the pictures) is the assistant of the ward mission leader and he mentioned that his sister has an old violin in his house. I tuned it up without breaking anything thank goodness and took it home for the night. I gave Hermana Llerena a concert at night but it definitely shows that I haven't played in so long! The baptisms were of Jair and Jhoseph. After their baptisms they each gave their testimony and both expressed their gratitude that they can be clean, that they KNOW that this is God's church, that they are excited to be able to receive the priesthood to bless their families, and the Holy Ghost to help make decisions and be guided in this essential time of their lives (Jair is 19 and Jhoseph 23). Everything went well and yesterday sitting in front looking over everyone during the ward announcements, I felt so happy to see them sitting in the congregation, seeing the other investigators, the people we have "rescued" that aren't menos activos anymore and also the members that are so fiel (faithful)! I feel like we are really helping the ward progress and even though we're still in danger of becoming a branch, we are fighting to keep it as a ward! We were also able to have a capacitacion from Presidente Godfrey and will have the opportunity to have interviews with him this week. Hermana Llerena and I are super happy together, I feel like she is one of the best friends that I have made here. We are always laughing (or at least she is always laughing at me and how I still don't understand Spanish sometimes) 

It was a good week! Love you guys,


learning to cook comida peruana!!

happy 15 meses Llerena!



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