Monday, August 15, 2016



I can't believe that you're starting school again so quickly. Where does the time go? The family reunion and other last call summer activities look fun, do all you can before school starts again! Tell Alyssa good luck for me! 

I love what you said about Family History. We have a cool system set up in our mission that helps our conversos recientes (recent converts) and menos activos (less actives) find their ancestors. There are two hermanas assigned specifically to being family history consultants and they go to a different stake every day. Here in Tahua we take our people to them every Sunday. Before we take them to the hermanas, we teach them about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of doing the family history work to help our antepasados (ancestors) be able to literally rest in PEACE! (See Alma 40, DyC 138, 1 Pedro 4, etc) It's always one of my favorite things to teach because it goes to show just how COMPLETE the restoration of the gospel is. Then once a month, these converts and less actives have the opportunity to go to the temple (it's about two hours away mas o menos) for free and do the work for these people. It really helps strengthen them and give them spiritual experiences. 

This week I learned how to make Keke de naranja and pie de limon, and yes, they turned out well! We are also finding more and more people that are interested in our message. We are especially working with Jahir and Jhoseph (who both have baptismal dates!) I have hopes that they too will serve missions when they have completed their first year as members! We are also working with Graciela, she is great and has expressed her faith in what we have taught her, but feels like she needs more time to sufficiently repent before her baptism. She is so valiant and I have come to love her a lot. It also turns out she works in a restaurant that I always went to when I was in Belaunde and she recognized me! The Lord works in mysterious ways. We are also teaching a family (la familia Espejo) who are great, but the dad is hard to teach because he always is working but we don't want to baptize just the mom and daughter until the dad also feels ready and a stronger testimony for himself. We are also working with Luis and Pablo, two other men with other problems, but sincere desires to repent and come unto Christ. I just hope that they can realize their potential and God's children and potential priesthood holders and vencer cualquier (overcome any) sin or doubt they are currently facing. I hope that you guys are doing well. Say hi to everyone for me,
Hermana Stone

washing clothes by hand (to prove I know how!!) haha

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