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I never know how to start these things. I love reading the emails but when it comes time to reply, I have no idea what to tell you about this week! I am doing really well- my companion however, not so much. This whole week Hermana Llerena was super sick. She got a virus and between the bathroom and the cold/not being able to breathe or speak, it was basically impossible to work these last couple of days. I had the chance to play "mom" and buy her medicines and make her tea and bring her stuff she needs- I don't know how mom's do it. I got tired after 3 days of it! It was an interesting experience. But even though it was a lot of calling members to do divisions or bring food or tell us what to do for a fever or something, we were still able to get a lot done! This week we had some really great lessons- There were two distinct times when I felt exactly what we needed to say and the results were miracles! Sometimes I get nervous to teach certain people certain things for fear of losing them or them not wanting to receive us any more but have come to find that when the Spirit is present and we follow the promptings that come, there is no reason to fear. I also received news that the family we were teaching in Belaunde were able to finally get married (after problems in their paper work) and baptized on Saturday. Even though I wasn't there to see it, I was so happy to hear that they are progressing as well. PLANT SEEDS! 

Jhoseph (one of our baptisms from last week) recently shared with us that his mom and brothers haven't talked to him since his baptism because they don't agree with the church. He is very sad about it but reassured us that he will stay strong because he knows that this is the truth. I also got to see Hermana Haro this week (she is as fun as ever) and we both got our "trunky papers"!!! I can't believe it. (The papers that say what airport you are going to go to, the contact information of the family etc) Time is passing so. quick. 

Yersterday Hermana Llerena and I were assigned to give the talks in Sacrament meeting again. When we walked in the chapel, we saw the whole stake presidency seated up front with President Godfrey and a member of the 70. I was literally trembling to give my talk (about fasting) but it went well and I made it through without peeing my pants or throwing up. I think that's about all of the random things that I can think of right now to write you guys. I am doing well and am using lots of hand sanatizer- mom don't worry!! 

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