Monday, September 12, 2016



Yeah yeah yeah, I will write!! haha It's just a little discouraging when the space bar on this stupid computer doesn't work unless you punch it down so it doesn't all looklikethis... 

This week was great!! Our investigators are doing well (and are in lot's of interviews with leaders to  help with the repentance process) Graciela received permission, and was baptized this week! The baptismal service was so stressful because there was no one from the bishopric there to preside and then the water was lowering and members didn't come to help and no one bought a treat or anything to share... But when Graciela arrived she pulled us aside and started almost giggling. We asked her what was going on and she said- I just feel so happy and excited to be able to do this. After her baptism she just smiled and cried, and thanked us for teaching her. We took her to our favorite panaderia to eat empanadas to make up for the lack of a treat. She's great. 

Pablo is also doing well, he just is very mathmatical and it's hard for him to FEEL the Spirit without some kind of proof. But we have a baptism goal with him. Luis is THE BEST. For the last 20 years he has been smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day and for the last 6 days he hasn't even smoked a SINGLE ONE. We had a lesson so strong about the restoration of the priesthood and he received a blessing of forteleza to help him quit and since that day he went from 3-7 a day (he had lowered his number a lot while we've been teaching him and as he has read the Book of Mormon) to ZERO. He is so happy and yesterday at church he said that he never thought he'd be able to do it and he is not only surprised at the power of God, but also in his power as a child of God. He also is working in goals. His growth has made a huge impact on my personal testimony. Sometimes, being raised in the church it's easy to feel like we have never really experienced a "mighty change of heart" because it has always been thing's we've learned and practiced. Obviously I have been changed in several ways and have grown a lot but I always have wanted to see it more in my own life. However, seeing the power of the Atonement work in him has really helped my own testimony grow. I am doing well- We have cambios tomorrow but todavia no sabemos quien se queda y quien se va! Wish us luck...

Hermana Stone

I live in paradise. The staircase to our house

the daughters of the familia Espejo (Jasmine, Ersa, y Valentina)

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