Monday, September 19, 2016

Can't They Afford Bigger Bread??

So this week was kind of crazy... We had cambios on TuesdayMonday night at 10:30 pm I got the phone call saying that I was going to get transferred to San Juan de Lurigancho to kill (or be the last companion) of Hermana Adams! I felt excited to go with one of my best friends here in the mission, but sad to leave one of my best friends in the mission and our area and people we're teaching. We packed all of my suitcases, the next day I sent a message to the people that we're teaching to say goodbye to them, and about half an hour before we had to be in the offices for the transfers, I got a call from the assistants to the presidente that there is a cambio en los cambios (change in the change)! They told us that at about three in the morning, President woke up with the strong impression that Hermana Llerena and I needed to stay together and that we will not be changing! We are now in our third change together (that NEVER happens) and I awkwardly had to send another text out saying "nevermind to the whole goodbye thing and we'll see you in our scheduled lesson times!" haha que verguenza... It was so funny and we both just hugged each other and cried. Today reading my email from Presidente, he said " I tried to change you several times, but he kept putting you back with Hermana Llerena. The lord wants you two to stay together for a little while longer." I believe in revelation!! haha We had lots of funny experiences- from being threatened by a  little grandma that she's going to arrest us if we come back to her house to "preach" to another little old lady asking why the church uses such little pieces of bread for the sacrament- "can't they afford bigger bread??" You see a little bit of everything haha We did service with some members this week washing all of their blankets and quilts that they own in giant buckets with our feet. We put a bucket in their shower with some detergent powder and the blanket and a hose of water and stomped and turned and stomped and rinsed until we had washed all 20 of them. It took about 2 and a half hours and we were BEAT and WET. We took the moto's to almost all of our citas that day because we were so tired, but it was fun. I also got to do another work visit with Hermana Kingston. I love her. Another one of our sisters got sick so we did divisions with her and I got to play mom again taking care of her. Yesterday we had our Stake Conference. President Godfrey came and also a member of the 70. It was so good and I even got to accompany the choir with the violin (after the director called and asked if I could save them because they didn't sound too well, my companion told me that with the mixed violin and piano, you could hardly hear the choir so I guess it worked!) I really love these opportunities that I have had lately to share my talents. There have been sunny days lately and it makes it so much easier and more fun to contact people and teach! Supposedly Spring starts onSeptember 23, but the nights are still freeeeeezing. It was a good week. Hope you guys enjoy the changing leaves! :,)

Hermana Stone 

At Stake Conference

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