Tuesday, September 6, 2016


No group email to share... but a picture's worth a 1000 words!

View of our area

Learning to cook Peruvian food!

Tell Sadie we also did hair camp! (The hermana that we ate lunch with had her family over, her sister happens to be studying cosmetology and she wanted some practice! It goes to show how bad my hair is now but it was fun- she asked if we can come be her models for the test but we said no haha)

We made top ramen with our coffee maker type water boiler. We don't have plates or forks so we had to used tuperware and spoons!

Ward service activity- we made cement and did the whole dirt floor in the living room of her house and fixed several cracks in the walkway, hung lights, installed a sink to wash her clothes in, and cleaned the cuartos of the abuelita. The ward really pulled together and it was really fun!

In the service project.

too bad the lunch the hermanas brought wasn't too yummy

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