Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I don't feel like writing a big email (sorry) because it's a sticky keyboard, the internet is SO SLOW (to upload pictures) and also not much is new with me....But I will share a couple of things- Luis's baptism was really special. He is my most satisfying baptism that I've had. Because he literally had an Alma the Younger change. It was sad because his daughter didn't come to his baptism, but we did have help from a lot of the members and the Spirit was really strong in the messages, with the musical number, and we even sang all the right hymns. Afterwards, he said thank you with so much sincerity in his eyes and even little tears haha! I love making grown men cry haha he's the same age as you and dad. With the familia Espejo we're having a hard time. I don't know if we're going to leave them or not. They didn't go to church this week and we left them for the week to try and help them feel the difference in the Spirit when we go and when we don't go. Sadly, the whole time we were gone, they only read one day and then didn't go to church after we visited them again and taught. It's sad but it's like Elder Uchtdorf said in his talk this week, even with all of the faith in the world, we can't take away the agency of other people. (dang it!!) We went to the hospital again, this time for Hermana Llerena.She has medicine again.  

We are looking for new people like crazy! The thing is now that they'll listen and want to receive us.... It was a good week though!

 Conferencia de mujeres

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