Monday, October 31, 2016

TEMBLORES! (Earthquakes!)

Hello Family! 

This week was crazy! First of all, we had transfers. I am still here in Tahuantinsuyo (Hermana Llerena got transfered to my old area in San Felipe!) and am here with Hermana Zapata, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED AN ARGENTINA COMPANION! haha It's so funny because everyone we visit always tells her that she's so tall and doesn't sound like argentine. Bueno.... that's what so many months in a different country does to you. She is almost 22 and is really fun and really tranquila. She makes me get up early on Saturdays to go play soccer with the elders but it's okay because she's as bad as I am. She did folklore dance and is kind of a hippie. We get along great. 

Also, we had 3 temblores (earthquakes) this week!! The scariest one was at 10:45 pm the other night. We had just gone to bed when all of the sudden we felt the ground move and what sounded like thunder. Zapata grabbed my hand and we ran down three flights of stairs to the outside of our building, barefoot and in pajamas! It was fine at the end but we were both a little anxious that we couldn't sleep for another hour. Someone also dumped a bucket of water on us from their roof and ran away laughing. I'm trying to get used to speaking all Spanish again now that my comp doesn't  speak English, and we're just still looking for God's chosen people! 

I had a great birthday. Yuri y Yoyi came and took us to breakfast (which was a miracle, because  our lunch fell through but we were still full) and at night, we had a Family Home Evening with two of our investigators and Graciela and Jair. Graciela bought me a cake and we sang happy  birthday and they even bought me some little gifts. I love her so much and she is like our mom here. Stefy also brought me Dunkin Donuts, gerber daisies and balloons. It was a good day and a good week. Sorry there's not much time! Hasta luego,

Hermana Stone
Weird stuff is going on here with the weather and these earthquakes!!

Thanks for the Flowers Mom :)

With Graciela and Jair (our converts) and Ricardo and Lisbet (our investigators) We did a FHE and they bought me a cake and little gifts!

My first companion that's taller than me!

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