Monday, October 3, 2016

Choose Wisely


I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed conference as much as I did. It is always so fun to hear the choir (and be the only one in the congregation singing along in English) and receive so much spiritual strength to prepare us for the next six months. My companion and I decided to do and extend the challenge to our conversos and investigators to prepare personal questions before the conference and then listen with the Spirit to receive the answers. I kid you not, I received an answer to every question on my list except one, and I think that just might be because we arrived half an hour late to one of the sessions! I know that these men (and women, who I actually enjoyed their talks this time!!) are called and inspired by God,our Father. 

This week was really good. We were able to find a lot of new people, paint another house, endure fiestas outside our house Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (you would think they'd get tired of the same music/drinking/and friends but no!) We found a place that sells mas o menos real tacos Mexicanos, ate (and hid) liver (again), hit my 16 month mark, and brought a bunch of people to conference. We had 8 investigators there!! One of them actually fell asleep during the session but it was nice and warm in the chapel and after lunch. But I think the rest of them enjoyed it. 

This morning in my personal studies I was reflecting on a talk I read from Conference of 2014 called "Choose Wisely" and about the theme of the plan of Salvation in the talks of both President Monson and Elder Uchtdorf. Our purpose on the earth is to progress and to learn. To prepare to return and become like God. Yes, He gives us the opportunities to work, to go to college, to play sports, learn piano, develop our talents... but these are just on the side to our ultimate goal to return to our heavenly home. In the talk from 2014 it said "You can get caught up in endless loops of triviality that waste your time and degrade your potential". Every day that the Lord gives us, as a missionary, as a student, parent, teacher or in whatever circumstance we are currently in, is a chance to reach our potential. "Our daily conduct and choices should be consistent with our goals" Elder Cook later said. As I was following my study in Doctrine and Covenants I read a scripture in section 98:19-20. In this part the Lord says that he is unhappy with some members of the church for their pride, their covetousness, and in Spanish, "malas costumbres". In English it says "wicked ways" but the Spanish version has a  little bit of a different meaning."Malas costumbres" are bad habits that we don't want to change or, what can be the waste of time. Even if we are avoiding major sin and are "good people", we should find the way to improve. The "good people" will be those who miss the fine line between the Terrestrial and Celestial kingdoms. I hope that we can all use wisely our time and work towards our goals!

I love you guys,

Hermana Stone

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